Friday, June 3, 2011

Circus Summer Camp

It all started with a desert rock backyard, three rambunctious boys to keep busy, and a summer to enjoy - when my mind got to thinking. I hate rocks and am not a huge fan of the desert look. Yes, I know live in Arizona. No, I don't have to like it. Wait-this blog is about finding the joy in life so let me re-phrase that. I remember driving a friend from Utah for her first visit to AZ. The wonder and awe in seeing cacti for the first time was a beautiful moment of appreciation, even for me. Now what I do love about the AZ desert is getting to feel the sunshine on my face about 360 days out of the year. I love being able to swim from Spring Break in March almost all the way to Fall Break in October. (The rest of the year, I wear a wet-suit.) And I love being able to see beatiful green grass all year long. Anyway, I digress.

In my pursuit of mental health, I needed a new backyard, preferably a beautiful and safer place to play with my kids (and for my kids to go away to to give me some peace). Having to totally justify re-landscaping a rental (that we may only live in for another year), I still knew, nevertheless, it would totally pay for itself. Light bulb. I decided I would earn the money to pay for it by hosting a summer camp in which we would completely use and enjoy it and it would really totally pay for itself! Long story short, after a quick rough draft of some planning details, a computer flier and a few e-mails, I was on a roll. I had people signing up (and paying) in April, got my backyard sprinkler lined, bricked, treed and sodded by the last Saturday of that month. I then added a few more details like a new enclosed trampoline and an in-ground sand pit in May. Then I bought the themed activity supplies, plus some summer water toys and a lawnmower and we kicked off the camp May 31st.

First of five weeks - The Circus! We did crafts, biology experiments, played with water, and dressed-up to match the theme. It was an awesome (and somewhat exhausting) week. I love spending time with kids. This is going to be the longest birthday party I've never thrown for them. So fun!

Next week, Summer Nature Camp...

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