Friday, June 10, 2011

I enJoye Bread - My Recipe

Because I am in involved in so many pursuits, and my life is crazy at times, I try to keep the things I can - simple. This is my simple recipe for delicious, healthy, wheat bread.

6 c. Hot Water
More warm than hot, if I'm using warm fresh ground wheat. Too hot might hurt your yeast. So I've been told - but I never test the temperature. So far, mostly so good.
2/3 c. Oil
2/3 c. Honey
I have a "2/3" measuring cup. I use the same one for both ingredients. The honey will slide right out - simple!
2 T. Salt
3 T. Dough Enhancer
4 T. Saf Yeast
5 T. Vital Wheat Gluten
Again, I try to keep things simple. I just use the same Tablespoon for all four ingredients (I have enough dishes to wash, thank you). Keep the measuring spoon level for all of them.
13-15 c. Whole Wheat Flour*
Depending on the day, my flour may vary just a bit.
*Optional: I will often add our leftover oatmeal, quinoa, or rice into my bread. This just adds to the goodness but may also change the amount of flour necessary to mostly clean the bowl, either way.

I walk away (change the laundry or break up a fight or change a diaper) for ten minutes while my Bosh does it's thing. I come back. I divide my dough into 5 balls. Pinch them into a loaf, slam it against the counter a few times (this gets the air out, my frustrations out, and I know if I've added enough flour because it will still mostly hold its shape and not totally stick to the greased counter and/or doesn't resemble a brick and break my countertop because I've added too much flour). Lovingly lay them into five greased loaf pans (four if my boys got dough balls to play with/eat). Cover them loosely to rise. Walk away for 30-whenever minutes (after being pulled in five hundred directions) and then bake 45-65 minutes- to three hours, depending on your method. My personal favorite method, for best flavor and color, is in my sun oven. I usually like to rub real butter over the top when it comes out. Mmmm. Let me know how you do your bread and enJoye!!!

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