Friday, June 3, 2011

I enJoye Bread

Have you ever made your own delicious healthy whole wheat bread? I haven't always baked bread and I'm not bragging, but in our house, that is the way to go.

A few years ago I started my bread-making relationship at the suggestion of my mother-in-law (I try not to get offended). With a dvd and a simple and versatile recipe that you can find here (, I was amazed. Who knew I could really do it? Who knew my husband would actually request it? This coming from a man who's mother has baked more loaves of bread than I dare even try to count.

Over the last few years my bread baking relationship has evolved (through many ups and downs) mostly from commitment. I still flirt with that recipe for quick meal additions and dessert breads, but I really got engaged when I made a new year's resolution in 2009 to not buy bread for the whole year. What was I thinking?! That January, I took a free bread class from a local store called Shar's and married one of my favorite appliances, a Bosh. I am happy to report that I think that might have been one of the few resolutions I ever kept. (Or came darn near close to with the exception of my husband coming home in December with a loaf while I was pregnant and barfing - sorry family, something had to give.)

Anyway, the recipe I use to this day is tweaked from that first lesson. My family loves bread. I love my family. And to continue this love triangle, I've added a Global Sun Oven to the affair. I got mine in January and use it faithfully every week to bake fresh ground whole wheat bread and other yummies for my family. Ahh, we definitely enjoy our carbs. Feel free to stop by for toast any time!

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